How To Apply Makeup Very Quick?

How To Apply  Makeup Very Quick?

When this is about getting ready for any occasion or party then girl’s makeup play its role to make them more beautiful. Every girl uses makeup but the issue with applying makeup is that it takes too much time. When this is about reaching in time then always makeup made you reach late. Well, there are many methods by which a girl can do quick makeup and this is really helpful in saving time. Some girls may be thinking that this will be just applying foundation without blending properly. Well, don’t worry about and try out to check the best results.

Method To Apply Make Up In 5 Minute

This is a really quick method so you have to learn it by applying make up for many times using this method. First of all rinse, you face to clean it completely and then dry it. moisturize your face using the rich amount of moisturizer and apply foundation. As you know that this is a quick method so you have to apply foundation only at places where it needs. This way you will be able to even out overall skin tone. Always try to focus on chin, nose and around the eyes because these are common uneven places. Use your ring finger to dab dark shadows and redness.

Now, you need to sweep on mascara and the good advice is to use brown one because it looks fair. Well, only one coat of mascara will be enough to make your skin even so apply from the root and then move in upward direction. This is time to apply blush on the cheek and make sure you apply at the roundest part. Well, you have to sweep in backward direction which means towards the ear. Apply lip stick and use gloss finish instead of the liner-and-lipstick combo.

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The new way to store your makeup...

What’s The Need Of Having Vanity Cases

The thing which girls love to wear is to makeup but carrying makeup accessories and other jewelry while traveling is the daunting thing. Well, thanks to a vanity case because a girl can keep all of the beauty products in it including hair accessories. On the other hand, this is also beneficial even a girl don’t travel. This is the best way to manage and take care of expensive stuff. A makeup kit includes lots of things like brushes, eyeliner, lipsticks and some other products which are so much expensive and perhaps, no one can afford to lose these things.

Benefit Of Having A Vanity Cases

Days are gone when the vanity cases were used to look weird and cheap products. There are many types of cases available according to size and quality of it. Quality one vanity cases look premium and very costly and the benefit of having one case is that anyone can manage beauty products with ease. If you are considering buying a case then there are few things which you should know. Most of the girls who don’t get enough time to makeup or there is no makeup room around can use these cases. There is mirror already provided in it which provides enough view to do makeup. Well, you can call this best product for fashion emergencies.

Moreover; these are available on online shopping websites as well as local stores. You can check out online products and the benefit of getting vanity cases online is a variety of products and reviews of other people. These two things are enough to know the best product available. Buy product according to the size required and make sure you choose a decent color which looks attracting and impressive. These products last long for years and most of the time no one considers to buy new that’s why think twice before doing any payment.

Why you should always throw out old makeup! [WOW!!!]

Lets be honest here.. We all have alot of old makeup lying around. Okay some we might not all use, but sometimes we are tempted to go back down memory lane and try some of the old makeup out. And maybe we are too attached to the old makeup because we think we can still get use out of it, WRONG!

We all have our favourite makeups from mac, that we have worn maybe 5 times, probably never again.. But we can bear to throw them out, Am i right?  

Luckily a reddit user named Semicolon Expected went viral yesterday and gave us all a good reason to throw out our old unused makeup! 

The user name Amy decided to start a science experiement.. Instead of throwing out her makeup she decided to leave it for 2-3 days. The makeup started to grow at 3 days! Like litary grow! She did explain that maybe the heat had something to do with it. But before you vomit, please rememebr that this was in a hot house in sweden during the summer, which obviously had an affect on the makeup. You can see the picture below (IF YOU DARE) Obviously this is still good motivation to clear out your old makeup!