Why you should always throw out old makeup! [WOW!!!]

Lets be honest here.. We all have alot of old makeup lying around. Okay some we might not all use, but sometimes we are tempted to go back down memory lane and try some of the old makeup out. And maybe we are too attached to the old makeup because we think we can still get use out of it, WRONG!

We all have our favourite makeups from mac, that we have worn maybe 5 times, probably never again.. But we can bear to throw them out, Am i right?  

Luckily a reddit user named Semicolon Expected went viral yesterday and gave us all a good reason to throw out our old unused makeup! 

The user name Amy decided to start a science experiement.. Instead of throwing out her makeup she decided to leave it for 2-3 days. The makeup started to grow at 3 days! Like litary grow! She did explain that maybe the heat had something to do with it. But before you vomit, please rememebr that this was in a hot house in sweden during the summer, which obviously had an affect on the makeup. You can see the picture below (IF YOU DARE) Obviously this is still good motivation to clear out your old makeup!